Rates & Reservation Requests

RV Site Rates

All sites have 50 Amp/30 amp and 110 GFI, sewer and water.

$33.00 - $35.00 per night, depending on site
$180.00 per week
$450.00 per month

Rates are based on up to 2 people.
Additional people in RV’s (5 years and older, per person): $3.00 per night
$15.00 per week
$30.00 per month

Top of the Valley RV sitesTop of the Valley RV sites

RV Rentals

“The Bluebonnet Bungalow”, “The Yellow Rose” and “The Texan Small House” are fully furnished RV’s with pots, pans, dishes, linens, towels, bedding, coffee pot and flat screen TV. Note: No cable available in our area. Patio with picnic table at your site. The Texan Small House and Bluebonnet Bungalow have double beds. The Yellow Rose has 2 single beds.
$55.00 per night (double occupancy)
$750.00 per month
A $150.00 deposit and valid credit card on file are required for monthly cottage and RV rentals.
No pets or smoking in cottages or RV rentals.

Cottage Rental

The Cowboy Castle

“The Cowboy Castle” sleeps four. 2 bedrooms (double bed in one and futon in the other). Furnished with appliances and furniture. Flat screen TV (local stations). Pots, pans, dishes, linens and bedding. Private patio.
$120.00 per night
$450.00 per week
Call for monthly rates.
A $150 deposit and valid credit card on file are required for cottage and RV rentals.

Reservation Requests

We will call you to confirm your RV reservation, subject to availability, and get your credit card information for deposit as soon as we receive and process your reservation request (within 24 hours). If your reservation is within the next two days, please phone in your reservation to our reservation line, (210) 623-6737. Please read the reservation / pet policies / cancellation policies and rates before reserving. We look forward to your visit to our San Antonio area RV Park. Thank you.

Check-ins are preferred during normal office operating hours (currently 1:00PM to 6:00PM) or by appointment. We generally do not allow after hours or after dark check ins out of consideration for our guests, so please plan ahead. Check-out is at noon. If those times are not convenient, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

The Hidden Valley RV Park mailing and physical address is 5706 Coleman Way, Von Ormy, TX 78073. You may have mail forwarded here in care of Hidden Valley RV Park and it will be delivered to you upon its arrival.

Commercial video/photography is conducted here. You may be filmed or photographed and your image may be used in advertising to promote the campground or campground events and activities. Registering at our campground constitutes your consent for us to use any pictures or videos we deem appropriate without payment, inspection, or review. If you want your likeness not used, please remove yourself from the situation being photographed.

We reserve the right to refuse service. Those publicly drunk, disobeying the rules, or creating a disturbance with other campers will be removed from the park without refund.

One reservation request form is required for each campsite you wish to reserve with the appropriate information for the family camping on that campsite. You may not make multiple reservations in one family name. Each reservation must be made in the name and address of the individual reserving the site.

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By submitting this form, you verify that you have read, understand, and accept the reservation, cancellation and refund policies, listed above.
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Cancellation Policy

• If you cancel an RV site reservation or don’t arrive by dark on the night of your scheduled arrival date, your site will be released for re-use and your card will be charged a one night fee at regular rates ($32).
• If you reserve for an extended RV stay, your card is charged a $100 deposit at the time of reservation. That fee is non-refundable if you cancel.
• If you cancel a reservation on an RV rental at nightly rates, the first night that was charged to your credit card is refundable only with a one month advance cancellation (minus a $15 processing fee).
• If you cancel a reservation on an RV rental at monthly rates no refund is made of the $150 deposit.